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Guzuo Transmission Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

    The company's main products include Taiwan's NuoH planetary reducer, worm gear reducer, screw elevator, steering box, four series of gear boxes, hollow rotary platforms, etc. This product

It is widely used in printing machinery, testing instruments, conveyor lines and other machinery and equipment industries. Many of them have a modular design. Adopt new equipment and new technology to make the product's internal quality better , Smaller size, lighter weight and more beautiful appearance. Some products are exported to the Middle East, Europe, America and Southeast Asian countries and regions. We adhere to the "customer first, integrity world".    Guzuo Transmission Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a supplier integrating professional R & D, production, sales and installation of motors. We have a complete line and an excellent sales team Team and experienced after-sales service team. The masters of our production line are dedicated to the production, organization, and commissioning of products every day. Every product is carefully made to ensure that each one is manufactured. The products are of high quality. Our sales team has rich experience in the industry and can meet the needs of customers based on their own experience; while protecting the interests of customers, the company's interests are protected. we The after-sales service personnel have many years of experience in the electronics and electrical industry, machinery industry, etc., they can quickly understand the needs of customers, and provide customers with their own experience Effective solution.    Guzuo Transmission Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. provides domestic and foreign customers with a comprehensive range of reducers and a variety of reducer categories to meet the needs of customers in various fields. Main product Products include: Taiwan Nuohong fine tooth planetary reducer, worm gear reducer, screw lifter, steering box, four series of gearboxes, hollow rotating platform and other series reducers and their supporting product. The company's products are widely used in robots, robotic arms, AGV trolleys, CNC machine tools, welding equipment, plastic machine tools, packaging and printing machinery, textile printing and dyeing machinery, and electronic equipment. Equipment, medical equipment, construction machinery, communications and other fields.    Guzuo upholds the values ​​of "honest behavior, excellence, and win-win thinking", and integrates with customers, companies, employees, and suppliers to achieve a win-win development. It is driven by production and marketing. To build the core competitiveness of the enterprise, strive to promote the progress of the motor industry, and strive to become a first-class enterprise in the field of motors.    The company is now in a high-speed development stage, and its sales business is increasing year by year. Guzo provides a fair and just environment that can give you a platform to develop your career and life and help you realize your The dream is willing to work with you to climb up, grow together and progress together, and make you and the company a glorious future. Welcome capable and ambitious you to join our Guzuo team and work together for us Strive together!
  Guzuo Transmission

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