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TKM series hypoid reducer

Brand: Guzuo
Material: alluminum/cast iron
Guarantee: one year
Model no.: TKM050/063/075/090/110
Ratio: 7.5~300

TKM Hypoid Reducer

Structural Features

    a. Adopting hypoid gear transmission with large transmission ratio;

    b. Large output torque, high transmission efficiency, energy saving and

environmental protection;

    c. High-quality aluminum alloy casting, light weight, no rust;

    d. Smooth transmission and low noise, suitable for long-term continuous work

in harsh environments;

    e. Beautiful and durable, small size;

    f. Can adapt to all-round installation, widely used and easy to use;

    g. The installation size of TKM series reducer is completely compatible with NMRV

series worm gear reducer (TKM050 and NMRV050 part sizes are different)

    h. Modular combination, which can be combined in various forms to meet the

requirements of various transmission conditions.


1. Housing: aluminum alloy (frame 050-090) gray cast iron (frame 110)

2. Gear: 20Cr

Model no.:

    TKM050   TKM063   TKM075   TKM090   TKM110

Ratio i= 7.5~300

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