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F parallel shaft bevel gear reducer

Brand: Guzuo
Material: cast iron
Guarantee: one year
Model no.: F37-157

F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer

A. Structural characteristics:

    1.Small volume and large transmission torque;

    2. High transmission efficiency, low energy consumption and superior performance;

    3. Stable transmission, low noise, large bearing capacity, low temperature rise and long life;

    4. Smooth transmission and low noise, suitable for long-term continuous work in harsh


    5. Designed and manufactured based on the modular combination system, there are

various motor combinations, installation forms and structural methods;

    6. The transmission ratio is finely classified to meet different operating conditions and

        realize mechatronics;

B. Material:


      1.Box: high rigid cast iron with reinforcing ribs;

    2. Gear: highquality alloy steel, the surface is carburized and hardened, and the teeth are finely processed;

C. Model number:

   37 / 47 / 57 / 67 / 77 / 87 / 97 / 107 / 127 / 157

D、Input power and allowable torque

Model number37475767778797107127157
StructureF          FA          FF          FAF          FAZ
Input power(kw)0.18-30.18-30.18-5.50.18-5.50.37-110.75-221.1-302.2-457.5-9011-200
Allowable torque(N.m)

E. Weight:

Model number37475767778797107127157

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